Real students with disabilities, immigration and homophobia

I firmly believe that everyone has a story worth talking about. All good for at least 500 interesting words. Now these 500 interesting words (or less or more) can conquer your parents, guardians, loved one

What are you writing about? With them, of course. Tell your story. What they sacrificed for you. How they made you who you are today. Why are they so amazing

Below are some examples of students who have just done so

"I want to thank her for not only acting as my mother, but also as my father."

Kylie has a mother who makes sacrifices for her, who supports her-who includes and encourages Keer to follow her dreams. It's just like anyone who can ask someone from their parents, but the bigger the surprise, is that Kaylie's mom makes all her own

Overcoming degenerative back disease. " Growl, my parents would like to make it clear that they will help me fulfill any ambitions I have. And they did! "

The Mega is struggling with depression after leaving the LGBTQ community. Her mom had her own fight for her health. But as a family, they helped each other through it

The father who just came out of our lives " It leads me to tears to find out how it works. I don't know what I would do without her hard work, support and love. "

Alexandra's mother takes care of her and her brother, who has autism. Her father just "walked out" from his life and offered no help or support

The hearing "will be all right" through visits to the hospital, meetings of doctors and post-surgical nerves "I want you to know that I love you both with my heart and that I will always be with you as you are here for me."

The fight for health is some of the things that we will ever deal with. You may have money problems, relationship problems, career problems, but people will always tell you, "At least you have your own health." Nicole knows firsth how much it means to have your parents guide you in this difficult time

Mother can't go home for years." She has lost a lot of family and school life in the Philippines. She couldn't go home for years. "

There are things that many of us can take for. Many of us do not know how to leave our homeland in search of a better life or to be separated from our loved one over the ocean. Chloe tells the story of her mother who comes to Canada, one

Immigration from South Africa to Canada for a better life "Immigration from South Africa to Canada must be very tough for them, because they have left all their family members so I can live better ..."

The Aidan family survived its own immigration struggle. His family came to Canada from South Africa, and now they support Aidan when he pursues his dream of playing football in the United States

Living proof that love is love. Family is family

"I want to thank my mothers, the two strongest women I know."

Emerson's parents have overcome the difficulty of being a lesbian couple in a society that is not recognized as being able to raise a family. "My family is the true testimony of their love, strength and commitment."

A student who couldn't read because he had a disability "They gave me time, love, never final support, and I can't thank them for that."

As a child, Jana was classified as invasive and antisocial in primary school. She now completed her first year of development at the University of Guelolf and even became president of the club. Of course, she thanks her parents for supporting her, helping her to enjoy her childhood and pushing her for success

Everyone has someone he has to thank, and that includes you

For a second, to imagine how you would feel, handing a huge check to someone you have to do

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