About Us

American Sunrise was founded to help usher in a new era of thoughtful, courageous progressive leadership in America.

At American Sunrise, we are concerned that the core progressive values on which our country was founded are under attack from the far right, and we want to stand up and do our part to defend them. At a time when extremism and partisan fanaticism rule the U.S. Congress, America’s future depends on the emergence of a new generation of leaders to emerge and reshape the political debate, mend the cracks in our country’s foundation, and put American onto a path toward a better, brighter future.

That journey must start today.

American Sunrise will focus our efforts on the election of a new generation of Congressional candidates who share a specific set of progressive values and demonstrate dynamic leadership potential. Candidates most likely to be supported by American Sunrise are those who are socially progressive and unflinchingly dedicated to fairness and equality for all Americans; who are fiscally responsible and believe that economic fairness, job growth, and support for Main Street America are not mutually exclusive values; and who stand up to extremism and partisan fanaticism in the halls of Congress.

We believe in an America that is at the dawn of a new day, in which Congress is ready to refocus on creating family-supporting American jobs, addressing issues of fairness and equality, and reasserting the core progressive values that were the real foundation of our democracy.

We will support the next generation of progressive Congressional leaders who will help usher in this new American Sunrise.